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Studies show that a staged home typically spends less time on the market and leads to higher offers.

Modern Kitchen


During the consultation, we will sit down and chat about your needs and budget. We will walk through your home and with a trained eye offer feedback before buyers have the opportunity to rule it out based on first impression. The consultation can be a stand alone service if you just need advice or it can go toward total home staging services. Contact us for pricing. 

Staging Vacant Homes

Our specialty! Buyers can’t always visualize how a space can be used, especially with really open floorplans. Home staging gives them that needed perspective. It brings context to empty space so buyers can see the full potential and possibilities of that space. By bringing in fresh furnishings and accessories, the completed project will be warm and inviting...and that will be reflected in the professional photographs of your listing! Our vacant home staging services make your property stand out from the competition and will leave a lasting first impression in your buyers’ minds. Contact us for pricing.

Grey Bed with Quilt
Modern Bathroom

Staging Owner-Occupied Homes

For homeowners residing in their homes during the selling process, our owner-occupied home staging services will make sure your property is prepared for the market while you’re still comfortably living in it. We will showcase your homes’ best qualities while minimizing flaws. We use furniture and accessories that are currently in the home and arrange them so that the home is appealing and comfortable. By removing clutter and unnecessary items, and if needed, adding a few of our well-selected accessories or pieces of furniture to the homeowner’s collection, we will create a polished and complete look that is appealing to the buyer. Contact us for pricing.

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